Montilla City Council remains committed to leading the way in making decisions based on data with its Data Management Office, an innovative project launched in 2021, being one of the first of its kind in Andalusia.

With the establishment of the Municipal Data Management Office, a pioneering initiative in Andalusia, Montilla City Council has revolutionized its approach to citizen data. This new procedure aims to improve the quality of governance and optimize the use of data owned or held by the council.

The Montilla Data Office is dedicated to improving transparency and efficiency in municipal management. By collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data, this office empowers the City Council with insights that are based on evidences, ensuring a more accurate understanding of citizen needs, facilitating informed decision-making.

Some of its functions include:

  1. Data collection and centralization.
  2. Data analysis and visualization.
  3. Preparation of reports and dashboards.
  4. Development of data-driven applications and tools.
  5. Promotion of transparency and citizen participation.

When it comes to data governance, it’s crucial to recognize that possessing data for analysis and visualization is just the initial step. The true potential of data management resides in integrating this data with external sources and systems, enabling us to generate predictive insights and deliver informed responses to citizens based on verified information. The Data Office functions as a central technical hub, fostering collaboration and communication between various municipal departments.

The core objective of the Data Office is to leverage algorithms and comprehensive analysis to optimize public services through data-driven decisions. The Montilla City Council Data Office empowers departments in this endeavor by providing cutting-edge tools for data analysis and storage, while ensuring strict adherence to personal data protection regulations.

By adopting this innovative approach, the City Council embraces a new paradigm of work, one that prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This new city management model, enriched with artificial intelligence capabilities, promises to transform the way Montilla operates. As a trailblazing municipality in the province of Córdoba, Montilla has already implemented this office and is reaping the benefits, particularly in the social services sector, which has seen the most significant advancements through this groundbreaking process.

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