In an industrial setting, machinery and solutions often come from different suppliers and manufacturers. This results in a diverse landscape of PLCs and controllers. The transition to Industry 4.0 requires unifying these disparate data sources under a single solution.

This was the challenge faced by Atarfil’s factory in Dubai (UAE), where multiple PLCs controlled various systems within their production facility: production, power supply, temperature control, and more. Leveraging Aveva’s System Platform, we successfully integrated these diverse data sources from different manufacturers into a unified platform for monitoring, controlling, and data logging.

From reading temperature setpoints in extrusion zones to tracking kilograms of dosed material, we integrated approximately 90% of Atarfil’s production and manufacturing data for their membranes, while also enabling logging into a centralized database. This foundation will be crucial for applying our Artificial Intelligence algorithms for predictive maintenance and zero-defect production control.

With the implementation of System Platform in this first Atarfil factory, the company has taken the initial step towards a comprehensive solution across its entire manufacturing process. The remaining two factories, located in Virginia (USA) and Granada (Spain), are expected to be addressed in the upcoming years.

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