Complete weather station with which you can monitor weather conditions such as:

Temperature and relative humidity in the environment, atmospheric pressure, amount of rain, wind speed and direction, ultraviolet radiation index and amount of visible light.

It is a station powered by a solar panel, through which the battery of the central control device is charged, to keep it powered at night or on days with low solar intensity.

The station features Wi-Fi, NB-IoT and LoRaWAN communication. It is equipped with a socket to insert a microSIM card for NB-IoT communication in locations where Wi-Fi networks are not available.
LoRa communication is used for reading data from other “satellite” devices around this weather station, such as ground moisture sensors, smart solenoid valves or even ATGLink itself.

The ATGMet Urban has the possibility of incorporating additional modules for reading more environmental parameters, such as outdoor air quality or environmental noise.